Welcome to Narva Motofest 2017!

Magnum Narva MC has been organising moto events for 15 years. There will be 16th time! We'll gather most memorable an best moments from previous years and add many more new and exiting ones. We should mention that all this year festival participating bikers and their companions will get to enjoy small hike/trip where we will enjoy sauna, cool water procedures and good company.

Festival will offer contests, prisez, beer-spa procedures, beer-beer and once again beer. Delicious food and old castles aura will be rememebered long after pleasant vacation.

Thank you for your attention and see you on the festival!

Festival Agenda and Prices

Moto Parade on the 8th of July: column formation on the Peetri square at 12.00, starting - 13.00

Motorcycle showroom

Motorcycle fair


Tattoo contest

Bumperball (soccer in balls)

Trip to SPA for bikers - gathering on saturday from 14.30 to 15.00


7 July:


8 July:

Скворцы Степанова
Stone Flakes
Падонки Бэнд
Jellyfish Inn

Ticket Prices:

Biker - 35EUR / 2 days
Lady Biker - 20EUR / 2 days

Tickets for guests.
First Day - 7EUR
Second Day - 10EUR
*Note! Tickets for guests are for single entrance only.

Pictures of former events

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